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Seminar-by CDIA President

JCIC 40th Anniversary Celebration and Asia Credit Bureau Seminar-Keynote Speech II by CDIA President Stuart K. Pratt

CDIA, Consumer Data Industry Association, established in 1906 and an international trade association with more than 140 corporate members, strives to educate consumers, media, legislators and regulators about the benefits of the responsible use of consumer data. CDIA members provide businesses with the information and analytical tools necessary to manage risk and help ensure fair and safe transactions for consumers and facilitate competition to create opportunities for customers and the economy. CDIA member products are used in more than nine billion transactions each year, expanding consumers’ access to a market which is innovative and focused on their needs.

CDIA President, Mr. Pratt, specified that credit bureaus are facing 3 new global challenges, including:

1. How to improve the correctness of the credit data and how to enhance the protection mechanism for consumers?

2. How to utilize the cross-border data and big data analysis to provide the complete profile of consumers?

3. In the life cycle of the credit market, a consumer should act more positively.

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